"If at all possible, I don't want to see a doctor very often in my lifetime."

It's a wish that everyone has. But someday the time will come when you will be taken care of in the hospital.
We are heading into a super-aging society. The aging of the population is progressing at an accelerated pace not only in Japan, but also in countries around the world.
There is a limit to the number of beds and health professionals.
In order for both patients and health professionals to live a vibrant and happy life, we must change the state of healthcare.
Rehamaru brings high quality rehabilitation to the medical scene with cutting-edge technologies.
We will create content that everyone can enjoy.
"Because you can enjoy it, you can overcome it" --- We will create a new form of such a medical scene.



Rehamaru provides high quality health care services using state-of-the-art technology, and it assists patients who want to get well as soon as possible and health professionals working hard everyday.


Mixed Reality

We provide three-dimensional rehabilitation training in the real world using MR (Mixed Reality) technology, which dramatically changes the clinical environment!


Daily tests and training data are automatically accumulated, and based on those data, health professionals can set the training menu. We save their time and labor!

Medical Evidence

Through joint research with medical universities and development based on solid medical theory, we have carefully selected only the most effective medical apps!

Mixed Reality

Features virtual computer graphics floating in the real world as seen through the HMD device.

Rehabilitation Contents


Select numbers in order.


Select specific objects.

working memory

Select a dog or cat only once

spatial perception

Walk through the maze to reach the goal.


Move to a specific square within a time limit.

executive function

Pick specific color flowers while walking.

Clinical Research

Upgraded neuropsychological test scores after 5 days of MR rehabilitation

Highly acclaimed in the medical community

The 1st Fall Meeting of the Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine

Best Presentation Award

"Effects of a number erasure task using mixed reality technology on cognitive function."

The MR-based number obliteration task may have an immediate activating effect on cognitive function.

The 2nd Fall Meeting of the Japanese Association for Rehabilitation Medicine

Award for Excellence

"A Study on the Effects of Cognitive Training Using Mixed Reality Technology on the Cognitive Function of Postoperative Elderly Patients."

The MR numeral obliteration task may contribute to the improvement of cognitive function in postoperative elderly patients in acute care hospitals with good compliance.

The 42nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Higher Brain Dysfunction

It was suggested that MR, which deals with three-dimensional space, reflects abilities closer to daily life and may be able to detect mild hemispatial neglect not detected by desk testing.

Questionnaire (Patients)

Q. Did you enjoy Rehamaru?
More than 80% said they had a good time.

It was more fun than on the table, more like a game.

Q. Have you ever touched the game?
36% of respondents had no experience with the game.
Q. Would you like to use Rehamaru again?
More than 80% said they would use it again

Being able to do this in a 360° space is useful for spatial cognition.

Q. What about the introduction of computers into rehab?
90% welcome the introduction of computers

I would like to do a lot of things on the strength of virtual.

Q. Did you feel sick?
MR does not make me feel sick.

Before I did it, I was worried that I would get drunk.


Q. Is rehearsal effective?
Answer that all are valid

In a space wider than a desk, you can train your eyes and neck in coordination.

I think that being able to do things in a 360° space is effective for spatial cognition.

Q. Would you like to use it on a patient again?
36% said they have never played games

Patients can work happily. It's good to be able to get the patient's attention.

Company Profile/Contact Us

Techlico Inc.

Osaka Ekimae Daisan Bldg. 23F, 1-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001, Japan
Research and development, manufacturing, sales and operation of software and systems in the medical healthcare field
Main Clients
Mitsubishi Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, National, Public and Private University Hospitals